Adult Acne Cured – Best Adult Acne Treatments

You’re an adult who thought you had left your embarrassing acne years behind you. Then suddenly, the dreaded day comes when your zits are back. Worse still, you discover a few on your back and chest too. How to outsmart adult acne? We list the reasons for your adult spots and the best acne treatments that work.You might wonder why, as an adult, you’re seeing more zits sprout up than weeds in a garden. Adult acne is more common than you think. Almost five percent of the adult population has experienced acne. This can be from their twenties, thirties, forties and even beyond.There are several causes for acne. Once you understand the causes, that will help with the treatment. Read on as we list out the ways to outsmart those zits.ADULT ACNE CAUSE NUMBER 1: HORMONESYou thought you were done with out of control hormones after your teenage years! Apparently, your hormones may still mount that final attack. As we grown up, our oil glands are more prone to breakouts because of hormonal shifts during our aging process. Visit your doctor as there are pills such as the common birth control pills that can keep these hormones under control. Obviously, pills are to be taken under proper medical supervision and not if you are pregnant. There are also acne treatments containing retinoids which can help unclog pores which get blocked up with your skin oils. For spots that refuse to disappear, the doctor may advise a stronger treatment such as antibiotics.ADULT ACNE CAUSE NUMBER 2: STRESSStress is a major reason for adult acne. But in this modern world, how can we possibly avoid stress? Our lives are so busy with pressure at work, bills to pay, mouths to feed and a house to clean. And why does stress cause acne? The experts are divided but they believe that stress triggers the adrenal glands which produce hormones, and it also creates a steriod called cortisol which produces sebum. Sebum is an oily secretion: it’s used to moisturize your skin but overproduction will lead to greasy skin and blocked pores. Those may create the blackheads you see on your nose and chin. Stress may also cause your immunity system to weaken so your body does not heal so well. It may be easier said than done, but try to de-stress. Take up yoga, go to bed by 10pm each night, and learn how to switch off from the crazy busyness of work and life. If your acne persists, see a dermatologist.ADULT ACNE CAUSE NUMBER 3: MEDICATIONSSome medications can cause adult acne. These include anabolic steroids (which is a reason why you see bodybuilders with acne), and immunosuppresants. Immuran is designed to suppress the immune system which means a person’s natural ability to fight bacteria may be weakened. If you suspect your medication is causing acne, do not stop taking the medicine. Go back to your prescribing doctor and discuss with them. There may be an alternative medication available, or you could lower the dosage.ADULT ACNE CAUSE NUMBER 4: YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE FINGERSAs kids, our parents and teachers were on hand to make us wash our fingers. It’s a sorry truth that your hands may harbor more germs than any toilet seat. So many adults do a quick squeeze of their zits with their grubby hands and end up spreading bacteria all over face. Do not touch your face or rest your chin in those dirty hands and avoid the temptation to squeeze every little whitehead that comes along.ADULT ACNE CAUSE NUMBER 5: IT MAY NOT BE ADULT ACNE AT ALLSometimes what you think are small spots on your face is in fact a fungal or allergic reaction. Visit a dermatologist to make sure and get a course of treatment. This too is far more common than we realize and can be cleared up with ease.